Puckering up at the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival

Mistletoe © Simon Whaley

On the first Saturday in December, the small Worcestershire market town of Tenbury Wells goes mistletoe mad!

They adorn their properties with the white-berried, green-leaved sprigs, and they even devote a day-long festival to this mystical plant.

Diann Dowell, Chairwoman of the Tenbury Mistletoe Association, remembers the moment well when…

What eight writers learned while tackling Julia Cameron’s Writing Pages for a week

Photo by eleni koureas on Unsplash

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Get dressed? Make a cup of tea? Or stagger to the bathroom? Writer Julia Cameron suggests that if you want to increase your creativity and writing productivity you should pick up your notebook and pen, and start…

Discovering the wonderful work undertaken by Greyhound Rescue Wales

© Simon Whaley

“Greyhounds are not grey,” says Kerry Sands, Learning Specialist for Greyhound Rescue Wales. “Something like 60% are black, because most of them can be traced back to the same sire and dam. You can get grey greyhounds,’ she grins, “but they’re actually called blue!”

Greyhounds are fascinating dogs. This wonderful…

Mail Order Mogul

Plaque on the wall of the Royal Welsh Warehouse, Newtown. © Simon Whaley

Napoleon may have called the British a nation of shopkeepers, but it was a young 19th century Welsh draper who turned the British into a nation of mail-order shoppers. On 16th October 1834, Pryce Pryce-Jones was born in the small village of Llanwchaiarn, one mile from the Welsh border town…

How Repair Cafes are giving our possessions a longer life

Bewdley Repair Cafe © Simon Whaley

“You never know what’s going to walk in through that door,” says John Rhymer, organiser of the Bewdley Repair Cafe. “We’ve had musical teddy bears, cuckoo clocks, headless dolls, and one month we even had 12 table lamps all brought in by different people!”

I’ve never been to a repair…

What makes a great author photo

© Simon Whaley (Yes — I used the timer on my own camera!)

Congratulations! You’ve had a book published. Or perhaps you’ve self-published one. Or perhaps you write articles and short stories. It doesn’t matter. Either way, whatever you’ve written, when you’ve had something published readers want to know what you look like. This involves getting an author photo.

I hate having my…

Simon Whaley

Bestselling author, writer and photographer. UK travel writer. Walker. BBC WeatherWatcher. Blessed to live in the glorious Welsh Borders. www.simonwhaley.co.uk

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